Presidential and Governor elections today


The first round of the presidential election will be held today with around 160,000 voters on the island of Grand Comore (Njazidja) voting to select three candidates for the second round on 18th April.

Since a new constitution was introduced in 2002 the three main islands of Comoros have taken it in turns to nominate the presidential candidates in accordance with Article 13 of the constitution. In 2006 Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi from Anjouan (Ndzwani) was elected and then in 2010 it was Ikililou Dhoinine from Mohéli (Mwali). So in 2016 the presidential candidate will come from the island of Gran Comore.

Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi from Anjouan had tried to stand again in this election claiming that he lived in Gran Comore but this was rejected by the Constitutional Court. There will be 25 candidates standing of whom three will go forward for all the islands to vote for on 18th April.

There will also be Governor elections today. In Gran Comore there are 15 candidates, in Anjouan there are 15 candidates and in Moheli there are ten candidates.

There are around 275,348 eligible voters across the islands. Some reports suggest that around 120,000 Comorian citizens living in France will also be entitled to vote but we have not been able to verify if this is correct.

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