Presidential candidates go online


The top Ugandan presidential candidates for the 18th February poll have considerable internet presence.  Unfortunately most of the entries were for last year (2010) and early this year. 

Although the top three candidates appear to have been persuaded that the internet now has some relevance for them, none has had the stamina to keep their sites updated and rich with information beyond the start of the campaign.

The reason may be resources, or just lack of time.  Another reason may be the limited reach of the internet across Ugandan voters especially beyond the large urban areas.

Nevertheless, here are the key sites for the top two candidates:

President Yoweri Museveni has entered into the spirit of the internet age with a website, three Facebook pages (and one attack Facebook page), an out-of-date Twitter account with minimal followers, a rap video, You Tube account, again out-of-date and a party website on which you can find the manifesto.

His website can be found at:

His Facebook presence:

Here is an attack page about Homosexuality laws in Uganda

A Twitter page which ends abruptly on 12th November 2010 unfortunately has just 89 followers.

There is even a rap song from the President – “You want another rap?”

The President also has a You Tube channel:

Unfortunately the last entry was uploaded a month ago.

The President’s party, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) has a hefty 233 page manifesto which you can find here:

Dr Kizza Besigye also has a vibrant presence on the internet.  If anything he is a little more up-to-date than the President, but his presence faded once the campaign was underway.

His campaign website can be found here:

He has one Facebook entry:

The Twitter page for De Besigye was last updated on 22nd January 2011 and he has 80 followers:

Here on Yidio you can find some more entertainment:

Dr Besigye also has a blog, but unfortunately it was last updated on 7th January 2011:

And a manifesto which is a more modest 44 pages:

Norbert Mao of the Democratic Party has a manifesto which may be relevant in the next parliament.  It is 73 pages long and can be found at:

For more information about Norbert Mao and the other candidates in the Ugandan Presidential Election 2011 and their online presence we recommend:

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