Presidential election date is set


Vice President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi, has announced the date of the next presidential election, in the form of a decree, for 21st February 2012.

The leaders of the opposition and ruling party have agreed to put forward the Vice President as a joint consensus candidate, and possibly the only candidate in the presidential election. It was unclear last night as to whether there would be any other candidates.

At the same time Mohammed Basindawa has been chosen to head a unity government. Basindawa is a former member of Saleh’s ruling party, the General People’s Congress (GPC). The 58 year old was foreign minister before he left the GPC ten years ago to go into opposition to Saleh.

An estimated 600,000 people protested across the country yesterday at the lack of any prosecution for the Honorary President (as Ali Abdullah Saleh is now referred) and fighting took place between government troops and tribal fighters in the capital.

Contrary to previous reports that he would be going to the United States, Saleh returned to Yemen yesterday evening and was still issuing decrees. The opposition have given him two days in which to stop his activities.

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