Presidential election goes to second round


In a surprise result, with 98.83% of the polling stations reporting, the presidential election has proven to be much closer than expected and will go to a runoff in November. Daniel Scioli of incumbent President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s Front for Victory (FPV) retained a narrow lead with 36.7% of the vote, much less than the opinion polls had predicted. Meanwhile opposition candidate Mauricio Macri of the Cambiemos alliance did much better than the polls had suggested and took 34.48% of the vote.

This means that there will be a second round runoff between Scioli and Macri on 22nd November. Turnout was 79%.

Meanwhile, in another shock result, María Eugenia Vidal, of the Cambiemos was elected governor of Buenos Aires. She beat Aníbal Fernández, Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers in Kirchner’s government by 39.52% to 35.15%. María Eugenia Vidal will replace Daniel Scioli who stood down to run for the presidential election. The result is even more shocking because the governorship has been held by the Justicialist Party (part of the FPV) since 1987.

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