Presidential election on 3rd June


The Latvian Parliament or Saeima will elect a new President of the country on 3rd June. President Andris Bērziņš will not seek re-election for a second four-year term. Nominations will be open from 19th – 24th May and a candidate needs 51 of the 100 votes in the Saeima to be elected.

The Latvian Constitution Chapter III reads:

“35. The Saeima shall elect the President for a term of four years.

36. The President shall be elected by secret ballot with a majority of the votes of not less than fifty-one members of the Saeima.

37. Any person who enjoys full rights of citizenship and who has attained the age of forty years may be elected President. A person with dual citizenship may not be elected President.

38. The office of the President shall not be held concurrently with any other office. If the person elected as President is a member of the Saeima, he or she shall resign his or her mandate as a member of the Saeima.

39. The same person shall not hold office as President for more than eight consecutive years.”

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