Presidential election to be held first


Interim President Adly Mansour has announced that presidential elections will take place before parliamentary elections. He acknowledges that this will require a change in the roadmap but claims that it will bring stability back to the country.

Recently there has been a series of bombings which have killed a number of people and up to 30 people were killed earlier in the weekend as anti-government protesters took to the streets once more.

Presidential elections could take place as early as April with the legislative elections likely in July.

The full text of the interim president’s statement as published on the Egyptian State Information Service (SIS) website is as follows:

“Address by President of the Arab Republic of Egypt Counsellor Adli Mansour to the Nation

(Sunday: January 26, 2014)

Brothers and sisters,
The great Egyptian people,

The homeland has been exposed yesterday and today to several black terrorist operations that claimed the lives of innocent citizens, including men of the Armed Forces and police of the Egyptian sons.

These terrorist operations are meant to break down the will of the Egyptians. I tell those terrorists that your cowardly and mean acts will never attain your goals. I confirm to you that the will of the Egyptians will never break down. Rather it will become stronger and more united. The Egyptians; State and people, are determined to uproot your terrorism and to implement the road map of their future.

Their turnout during the celebrations marking the third anniversary of our revolution yesterday is the best evidence to this fact. The Egyptian people should be aware that the victory by Allah is unequivocally so near as terrorism is the method of the weak people.

The sons of my homeland,

My confidence in the Egyptian State and its institutions has no limits. It has managed to defeat terrorism in the 90s of the past century and we will defeat it once again through the providence of Allah and uproot it completely. We will fight terrorists relentlessly because they let the homeland down and steered away from the true teachings of religion and all divine and humanitarian values.

The great Egyptian people,

This nation is our own responsibility. It is a great and immense responsibility which we will undertake properly for maintaining the potentials of this nation and protecting your lives. We will never hesitate in taking all exceptional measures if the need arises. The whole world; those who realize the real situation in Egypt and those who do not or claim they do not, should be aware that we will maintain the safety and security of this nation and its citizens and we will take up our responsibility for establishing the security and stability of this good nation.

Dear citizens,

In such exceptional situations and taking into consideration the black terrorism which claims the lives of innocent people, securing the homeland and citizens and bringing to justice all perpetrators of these obnoxious crimes gain first and paramount priority.

Based on this fact, I have urged the chief justice of Cairo Court of Appeals to increase the number of courts looking into cases of those involved in these crimes in an attempt to have prompt justice. But while we are just taking our first step towards establishing our nascent democracy and despite security challenges facing us, I still think that this priority should not create any violation of the rights of any of the sons of this nation which we protect.

Based on this, I have urged the Prosecutor General to reconsider the cases of detainees under probe, and especially university students, in a bid to release those who did not commit any crimes or acts criminalized by the law.

Brothers and sisters,

As you all know, I have held several sessions of dialogue with national powers and representatives of various segments of the society about the steps of the future road map. These sessions of dialogue resulted in demands by the majority of them for holding the presidential elections as the second step of the road map, after you have approved the new constitution of Egypt, and then come the legislative elections as the third step.

This is why I have taken my decision amending the future road map so that the presidential elections will be held first to be followed by the legislative elections.

I will urge today the Supreme Presidential Election Commission to practice its powers according to the presidential elections law and open the door for candidacy to the post of the president of the republic in accordance with article 230 of the amended constitution.

For my part, I will introduce over the coming few days the required legislative amendments into the laws of presidential elections and practicing political rights in line with the articles of the constitution.

May Allah guide us all to the good of this nation
May Allah keep Egypt safe and sound
May the peace and blessings of God by upon you all”

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