Presidential platforms


According to ITAR-TASS the presidential candidates in the 3rd April poll have been talking about their different platforms.

Incumbent President Nursultan Nazarbayev in his manifesto ‘Let’s build the future together’ intends to reduce unemployment to 5%, poverty to 6% and increase the average lifetime to 72 years (presumably through improved healthcare services). He wants to cut infant and maternal mortality by half and introduce a part privatisation programme.

Zhambyl Ahmetbekov is standing on a slogan of ‘Authorities have power – we have truth’. He will introduce state control over energy, oil and mining industries; also the railway and transport sectors. He aims to stop exports of cotton, wool, rawstock and wood as well as introducing quotas on the export of ferrous and nonferrous metals. He will introduce state control over pricing and promotion of domestic producers.

Gari Kasimov will upgrade all branches of the state power and transit to a presidential-parliamentary form of government. He will abolish all regional establishments and will work directly with local government through the ministries. In addition, he will revive collective farming and the right of women to retire at 55.

Mels Eleusizov looks to Russia in his foreign policy. With a slogan of ‘New line, new way’ he won’t allow Kazakhstan to join the WTO, opposes resettling of people in cities and see the way forward as raising living standards in rural areas.

Campaigning for the 3rd April poll will cease on 1st April 2011.

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