Presidents party wins


The party of President Serzh Sargsyan, achieved an overall majority in Sunday’s general election.

The president’s Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) won 44.78% of the vote and 69 seats according to the Central Election Commission. That means that they have gained five seats on their 2007 result and will be able to govern without their former coalition partner, Prosperous Armenia.

In second place, Prosperous Armenia (BHK) took 30.7% of the vote and 36 seats, up eleven seats in the 131 seat National Assembly.

The Armenian National Congress (HAK), a bloc of around thirteen parties, just cleared the 7% threshold at 7.22% and have won seven seats. Three other smaller parties also won seats.

The turnout was 62.26%. There have been protests at the results and claims of rigged voting.

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