PRI win three states


The opposition Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) has won three gubernatorial elections in the states of Mexico, Coahuila and Nayarit.

The most prominent win was that in Mexico state. The PRI candidate Eruviel Ávila Villegas took 62.54% of the vote against 21.2% for the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) and 12.46% for the national ruling party National Action Party (PAN).

In Coahuila. A state in the north east bordering the United States, Ruben Moreira Valdés of the PRI in coalition with the Ecologist Green Party of Mexico (PVEM) and New Alliance Party (PANAL) won with 65% of the vote. The PAN candidate took 33%.

In Nayarit state on the Pacific coast, Roberto Sandoval Castañeda of the PRI, again in a coalition with PVEM and PANAL, took 48.8% of the vote. The PAN candidate took 38.1% and the PRD candidate took 10.9% of the vote.

The results would suggest that the PRI is in line to win the presidential election which is due next year (2012). The PRI had ruled Mexico for 71 years until 2000 when the PAN won. Vincente Fox became the new president at that time and in 2006 he was replaced by Felipe Calderón, both from PAN. It now looks as though the voters of Mexico are ready to see a change in leadership.

Mexican presidents can serve one term only.

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