PRI wins in Michoacán


Luisa Maria Calderón of the National Action Party (PAN) has failed in her bid to become the new governor of Michoacán state. The sister of president Felipe Calderón was defeated by Fausto Vellejo of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). He took 35.39% of the vote compared with Calderón’s 32.67%.

Third place candidate from the Party of Democratic Revolution (PRD), Silvano Aureoles, took 28.88%.

This means that the PRI have taken back the state from the PRD after losing it to them in 2002. More significantly it suggests that the PRI are back in the running to form the federal government next year; they had previously ruled Mexico for 70 years before losing to the PAN in 2000.

Turnout on Sunday was 54%.

In the state congress elections the PRI won 11 seats, PRD took six seats and the PAN took five seats. The remaining deputies have still to be allocated according to the percentage of party votes received.

In the mayoral elections the PRI are reported as having won 45, the PRD took 31 and PAN took 27. Other parties won an additional five mayoralties.

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