PS launch manifesto


Leader of the Socialist Party (PS) and caretaker Prime Minister José Sócrates unveiled the PS manifesto last night (Wednesday 27th April 2011).

The manifesto entitled ‘Electoral Programme 2011 – 2015’, ‘Defending Portugal, Building the future’ is 70 pages long and will be available shortly on the Portugal page under links; or you can go direct to the PS website at www.ps.pt

During his presentation the PS leader stressed that they will continue their programme in government with an ‘active consolidation of public accounts, beginning with the fiscal deficit’.

Mr Sócrates attacked his key opponents the Social Democratic Party (PSD) by saying that they have ‘an agenda of weakening the welfare state and public services marked by an ideological prejudice against everything that is public’. He continued by saying that ‘they are slow – oh so slow – to propose and build’.

He defended the PS by saying that it ‘defends the welfare state through modernisation, sustainability and equity of funding in instalments’.

The PSD in response have accused the manifesto of being ‘more of the same’, that it brought in nothing new from an exhausted Prime Minister’.

There are seven key manifesto pledges beyond the economic programme. These are:

1. Better education for youth
2. Consolidation of Portugal’s work on renewables
3. Support for the export sector
4. Continued investment in science and technology
5. Advancing the digital agenda
6. Continuation of the streamlining, modernisation and decentralisation of the administrative services
7. Consolidation and improvement of the healthcare framework and facilities.

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