Russian Federation

Putin rating down 16%


Prime Minister Vladimir Putin may be facing a tough election when he stands for the presidency in March 2012. A poll by the Public Opinion Foundation conducted across the whole nation and published in the Kyiv Post suggests that Putin has the support of just 44% of voters (60% in 2008).

His chances are, however, improved against the declared candidates so far. In a contest which includes Gennady Zyuganov, the veteran Communist Party leader, Liberal Democratic Party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky and A Just Russia leader Sergei Mironov, then Putin scores 52% support.

Putin has lost the greatest amount of support from men, high income earners, higher educated professionals, Muscovites and people aged between 45 and 55 years.

Zyuganov has seen his share of the vote rise to 12% from 7% in 2008, whilst Zhirinovsky has gone up from 7% to 11% and Mironov remains on 4%.

Mikhail Prokhorov, the third richest man in Russia, who announced his candidacy recently is standing on 4% of the vote. He has been actively canvassing amongst the crowds of protesters in Moscow in recent days and has released a series of adverts to promote his presidency.

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