Right-wing gain ground in Swiss Federal election


The right-wing Swiss People’s Party (SVP) has won yesterday’s federal election. The SVP increased their percentage of the vote from 26.6% in 2011 to 29.4% yesterday. That gives them an additional 11 seats to take their tally of seats to 65 seats in the 200 seat National Council or lower house.

The centre-left Social Democratic Party (SPS) retained second place with 18.8% of the vote but dropped two seats to take 43 seats.

In third place in 2011 were the right of centre FDP.The Liberals and again this time they took third place but won an additional three seats to take their tally to 33 seats.

The centre-right Christian Democratic People’s Party (CVP) came in fourth place yesterday with 12.1% of the vote but they dropped one seat to take 28 seats.

After that there were a number of smaller parties who won seats. The centre-left Green Party (GPS) dropped four seats to take 11 seats; the centrist Green Liberal Party won seven seats (-5); the centre-right Conservative Democratic Party (BDP) also won seven seats (-2); the centrist Evangelical People’s Party (EVP) retained their two seats.

Two right-wing parties, the Ticino League (LdT) and Geneva Citizens’ Movement (MCG) took two and one seats respectively whilst the left wing Alternative Left (LIN) and centre-left Christian Social Party (CSP) won one seat apiece.

In the Senate or upper house there will be runoff elections in 12 of the 26 cantons because there were no outright winners.

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