Bosnia and Herzegovina

Right wing parties gain in local elections


The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Bosnia and Herzegovina has reported that the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) won control of 34 municipalities in the local elections held on Sunday. The SDA is a centre right Bosniak party led by Sulejman Tihić.

The Serbian Democratic Party (SDS) a Serbian nationalist party led by Mladen Bosić won 27 municipalities.

The big loser on Sunday was the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) a Serbian nationalist left wing party led by Milorad Dodik. Prior to the election they were in control of 41 municipalities but dropped to just 15 municipalities after the election.

The CEC announced that counting had not yet been completed and that a number of other results were yet to be announced. They did report that turnout was 56.3% and that as many as 5.5% of ballot papers had been spoilt.

The results suggest that right wing parties are the winners in these local elections with the left wing parties doing badly. Some reports suggest that people tended to vote on local rather than national issues and punished councillors who had not been perceived to have been good local representatives.

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