Riots following court ruling


Senegal’s Supreme Court ruled yesterday that incumbent president, Abdoulaye Wade, could stand for a third time in this year’s presidential election despite the constitution limiting terms limits to two.

The decision led to widespread protests and rioting by youths supporting opposition parties. The police retaliated with tear gas and baton charges, but youths used rocks and burnt down at least one governing party headquarters.

The situation was made worse when the Supreme Court also ruled that Grammy winning pop star, Youssou Ndour was blocked from standing. Fourteen candidates were approved to stand in the election.

The period up to the election on 26th February is now likely to be violent as more protests grow. Last year there was rioting when the president, announced that he was breaking his 2007 pledge not to stand again. The president says that he is entitled to a third term because the new rules only came into force after he had started his first term back in 2000.

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