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Romney clean sweeps five states


With Rick Santorum out of the running, Mitt Romney completed a clean sweep of the five state primaries taking place yesterday. In Connecticut with 28 delegates Romney took 67.4%, in Delaware it was 56.5% and 17 delegates and in New York he took 62.4% of the vote for the 95 delegates. Romney also achieved success in Pennsylvania where he took 58% with 72 delegates available and Rhode Island with 19 delegates he managed 63.2%.

Mitt Romney has still to achieve the threshold of 1,144 delegates to win the nomination. Yesterday he is predicted to have taken around 200 of the 231 delegates which should leave him just short of 900 delegates. Neither Newt Gingrich nor Ron Paul, the two remaining candidates in the race have any chance of catching Romney and yesterday effectively sealed the Republican presidential nomination.

The presidential election will be between Romney and the incumbent Democrat president, Barack Obama on 6th November.

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