RPF comfortably win general election


The party of President Paul Kagame, the Rwandan Patriotic Front party along with its coalition allies, the PDC, PDI, PSR and PPC have taken 76.22% of the vote in the general election which took place over the first three days of this week. That means that the party has 40 of the 53 seats open to election by all in the 80 seat Chamber of Deputies.

There were further elections for women, youth and the disabled which took place on Tuesday and Wednesday but for which the Electoral Commission has not yet made announcement.

Nevertheless the governing party will comfortably retain its majority. The opposition The Social Democratic Party (PSD) came second with 13.03% of the vote, slightly down on 2008 and the Liberal Party (PL) took 9.29% of the vote slightly up on their 7.5% vote in 2008.

The National Electoral Commission said that turnout was 98.8%.

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