Ruling party candidate Hernández in ‘irreversible’ lead in Presidential election


Juan Orlando Hernández of the ruling National Party of Honduras (PNH) has all but been announced as the next president of Honduras after an electoral court (Supreme Electoral Tribunal) declared that he had an “irreversible” trend in the presidential vote count t with around 68% of the vote counted. The election took place on Sunday.

Inevitably his closest rival, the wife of deposed former president Manuel Zelaya, Xiomara Castro de Zelaya of the Liberty and Refoundation Party (Libre) has denounced the result and says that she has won. She has declared that she will fight the result having announced herself the winner on Sunday night.

The results as announced so far show Hernández with 34.08% and Castro with 28.92%. The former ruling party candidate Mauricio Villeda of the Liberal Party of Honduras (PLH) is in third place with 20.70%.

The presidential election in Honduras is based on the winner is the one with the most votes in a single round; no candidate is required to get 50% or more of the vote.

The current results of the presidential election are as follows:

Juan Orlando Hernández; National Party of Honduras (PNH) – 34.08%
Mauricio Villeda; Liberal Party of Honduras (PLH) – 20.70%
Jorge Aguilar; Innovation and Unity Party (PINU) – 0.17%
Orle Solís; Christian Democratic Party (DC) – 0.17%
Andrés Pavón; Democratic Unification (UD)/Broad Political Electoral Resistance Front (FAPER) Party – 0.11%
Salvador Nasralla; Anti-Corruption Party (PAC) – 15.64%
Xiomara Castro de Zelaya; Liberty and Refoundation Party (Libre) – 28.92%
Romeo Vásquez; Patriotic Alliance Party (Alianza) – 0.21%

Counting for Congress and Municipalities is ongoing.

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