Ruling party looks set for overall majority in run-offs


The ruling centre-left Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia (GD-DG) has emerged victorious from the 8th October general election.

Georgian Dream increased their tally with an additional 19 seats to take them to 67 seats in the 150 Georgian parliament. Their main rivals, the centre-right United National Movement (ENM) dropped 19 seats to take 27 seats.

One other party, the pro-Russian Alliance of Patriots of Georgia, has won six seats for the first time.

There are, however, 50 seats that will face a second round runoff which must be held no later than 2nd November. Of these around 44 will see a straight fight between Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia (GD-DG) and the United National Movement.

Because 76 seats are needed for a majority in the parliament, Georgian Dream is sure to obtain a straight majority without the need to form any coalitions. Although there were only two winners in 2012, the Georgian Dream package consisted of six parties, of which only the GD-DG party is represented in the new parliament, four of the other parties lost all of their seats and one didn’t contest.

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