Ruling party manages narrow victory


Greenland’s centre-left Siumut party managed a narrow victory in Friday’s general election.

Siumut took eleven of the 31 seats in the Parliament of Greenland, a drop of three seats. Although they took the same number of seats as their main opposition rivals, Inuit Ataqatigiit, they won more votes; 10,102 to 9,776 votes.

The Democrats came third with four seats (+2), the centrist Partii Naleraq, formed in January 2014, won three seats for the first time and Solidarity (Atássut) retained its two seats. The Inuit Party, which was represented in the last parliament, lost both its seats.

There were 40,424 registered voters of whom 29,488 votes, a turnout of 72.9%.

Siumut’s new leader Kim Kielsen is expected to try and form a coalition.

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