Ruling People’s Party suffer major losses in Local Elections


The ruling People’s Party (PP) took a hammering in yesterday’s local elections. Although final results have still to be confirmed the PP dropped from 8.5 million votes in 2011 to just over 6 million yesterday.

Although the People’s Party remains the largest party it has lost key battle grounds including the capital Madrid which they have held since 1991. The PP remain the largest party in Madrid with 34% of the vote but the Podemos backed Ahora Madrid with 32% may well work with the PSOE to block the PP from power in the capital.

That remains the scene in a lot of councils where the PP are still the largest party but have lost overall control, forcing them to consider doing coalition deals, something which has been a rarity in Spain until yesterday.

The PP took an overall majority in 2,768 of the 8,122 councils and 22,750 councillors (down from 26,507 in 2011) whilst the main opposition Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) retained control of 1,937 councils and 20,824 councillors (down from 21,766 in 2011).

Although Podemos, the noisiest of the newcomer parties, didn’t stand in the municipal elections they did support local variants who also did well. However, Citizens (C) a party which started in Catalonia and has become a national party did well to take 1.5 million votes and 1,527 council seats with a majority in 48 councils.

In Barcelona a Podemos backed party, Barcelona en Comú, beat the two pro-Independence parties, Convergence and Union (CiU) and Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC), leaving the nationalists with a major setback to their independence campaign.

Counting in the regional elections is still continuing but it looks as though the PP will emerge the largest party in nine of the 13 regional councils contested but without an overall majority.

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