San Marino

San Marino goes to the polls


The 34,031 voters of San Marino go to the polls today to elect the 60 members of the Grand and General Council. Voting takes place between 7 am and 8 p.m. local time and there are 11 parties and three lists standing. The three lists are as follows.

Coalition “Adesso.Sm” (Centre-left)

1 Republic Future
2 Civic10
3 Socialist Democratic Left

Opinion polls put this list on around 27% of the vote.

Coalition “San Marino First” (Centre-left)

4 Party of Socialists and Democrats
5 Christian Democratic Party of San Marino
6 Sammarinesi
7 Socialist Party

This is broadly the same coalition that won in 2012 and which was called San Marino Common Good. It took 35 seats in total. They are polling around 22% of the poll this time if the opinion polls are to be believed.

Coalition “Democracy in Motion” (Left-wing)

8 Civic Movement Network
9 Democratic Movement San Marino Together

Opinion polls suggest they have 17% support.

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