Saskatchewan goes to the polls today


The centre-right Saskatchewan Party will be hoping that it can make it three victories in a row when voters go to the polls for the 61 seat Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan election today.

In 2011 the Saskatchewan Party led by Brad Wall won an additional 11 seats on their 2007 victory to take 49 seats. The latest opinion polls tracker as published on CBC News suggests that the Saskatchewan Party will take 59.9% of the vote and 49 seats as last time (but beware, Canadian pollsters have got it wrong several times in the recent past).

Prior to 2007 the centre-left New Democratic Party (NDP) had been in control but in 2011 they dropped to nine seats, down from 20 seats in their 2007 defeat. The CBC News opinion poll tracker suggests that the NDP will do a little better in 2016 and take 30.7% of the vote and 12 seats.

Although the centrist to centre-left Saskatchewan Liberal Party and the left-wing Greens are standing in the election they are polling so low that they are not expected to pick up any seats.

As of the 28th March there were 751,564 registered voters out of a total of 815,000 eligible voters and in the first three days of advance voting (which is open to all) the turnout has been high with 66,602 choosing to vote early. Polling stations are open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. local time today.

Saskatchewan is a prairie province in mid-Canada with a population of just over one million people.

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