Second phase of general election today


The second of nine phases of the Indian general election takes place today. There were due to be seven constituencies contested today across five north-eastern states, but at the last minute the election in the one constituency of Mizoram was put back to 11th April for security reasons. Nevertheless we have included the Mizoram information in this posting.

In Arunachal Pradesh both constituencies, East and West, will be contested. There are 759,498 voters and 11 candidates standing with 1,262 polling stations.

In Manipur one of two constituencies (Outer Manipur) will be contested by 10 candidates. The 899,626 eligible voters will vote at 1,406 polling stations.

In Meghalaya there are 10 candidates fighting the two constituencies, Shillong and Tura with 1,567,163 eligible voters voting in 2,562 polling stations.

Mizoram, as explained above, has been delayed to 11th April, but there will be three candidates contesting the one seat of Mizoram. There are 702,189 voters and 1,126 polling stations. Along with all the other north-eastern states polling takes place from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time.

Finally Nagaland will have three candidates standing in the constituency of the same name. There are 1,182,903 eligible voters and 2,059 polling stations.

In the first phase of the election the turnout in Assam and Tripura was very high, exceeding 70% in all six constituencies; in Tripura West turnout was said to be 85%.

All the seats in these first two phases have been in the north-east region of India. In the current Lok Sabha they represent 25 seats of which Congress holds 21 seats and the BJP hold four seats in Assam. If there is any change, this traditionally Congress region is unlikely to see any wild swings.

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