Shura Council abolished and elections in February/March 2014


The 50 strong Constitutional Council tasked with the job of creating a new Constitution for Egypt has opted to go for a unicameral parliament.

The Council decided late on Thursday by 23 votes to 19 with seven members absent to abolish the Shura Council or upper house of the current bicameral parliament.

The council had held few powers and was seen as a waste of money and an added level of bureaucracy. In the last election in 2012 in the two rounds of voting just 12.2% and 15% of the eligible voters bothered to turn out to vote.

The constitution when finished will go before a referendum for approval. The Egypt State Information Service (SIS) announced on Wednesday that the Constitutional Council had passed some 50 changes in the constitution.

The SIS also announced that “Egypt is to hold parliamentary elections between February and March 2014 to be followed by presidential ones early summer”, Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy told Reuters in an interview on Friday 8/11/2013.

He said that the implementation of the roadmap is being carried out according to the agreed upon timetable, noting that the public referendum on the constitution to be held as scheduled.

The 2012 constitution was suspended by the Armed Forces Supreme Council on Wednesday 3rd July 2013.

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