Slovakia votes in early general election


Slovakian voters will elect a new government today just two years after the last election. The four party right wing coalition was brought down in a vote on European funding last year and was forced to agree to elections this March by left wing leader Robert Fico.

Robert Fico and his Direction – Social Democracy (SMER – SD) party is expected to win the election but doubts remain as to whether they will gain an overall majority. SMER were the largest party in 2010 but, short of a majority, were locked out of government by the right wing parties.

A scandal, named the Gorilla Scandal, which surrounds secret recordings of right wing politicians involved in political corruption in 2005/2006 has led to the right wing parties suffering badly in the opinion polls. Turnout is expected to be low with more than a third of those interviewed in polls expressing doubt as to how they will vote.

There are 2,967 candidates (85 have withdrawn but will be on the ballot papers) across 26 political parties for the 4.3 million voters to select for the 150 seat Národná rada or National Council.

The 5,956 polling stations will be open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. local time.

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