Smer way ahead in the polls


Direction – Social Democracy, the party of former prime minister Robert, also known as Smer is leading the opinion polls as Slovakia starts its election campaign for the 10th March poll.

Smer stands on 41.4% of the vote, which would give them 72 of the 150 seats in the National Council, according to a poll by the Focus polling agency.

The party heading the current government, the Slovak Democratic and Christian Union – Democratic Party (SDKU-DS) stands on 8.2% or 14 seats.

The party in second position in the polls is the Christian Democratic Movement (KDH), they are on 9.6% or 16 seats.

Next comes Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) on 7.6% or 13 seats. Freedom and Solidarity was the party which refused to back prime minister Iveta Radičová over the European bailout fund (EFSF) which caused the fall of the government in October. They dropped considerably in the polls at that point but have clawed their way back. Currently they hold 21 seats in the 150 seat National Council.

Most-Hid are on 7.2% which would give them 13 seats and the Slovak national party (SNS) are on 5.6% or 10 seats.

A new party, formed on 28th October 2011, the Ordinary People and Independent Personalities (OL) are on 6.8% or 12 seats.

In mid January the latest jobless figures showed that the total unemployed in Slovakia had risen to 13.59%.

In a poll conducted by the Slovak Public Affairs Institute, 64% said that they felt the jobless rate was the most important issue; 53% felt dissatisfaction with living standards and 29% were unhappy at the levels of healthcare and corruption.

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