Snap general election cancelled


Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has cancelled the snap general election he had called for 22nd March 2015 because his party, the Swedish Social Democratic Party (SAP), had been unable to pass its budget in parliament.

Since then the Prime Minister has been in negotiations with the four centre-right parties known as The Alliance. Apparently a deal has been struck between the parties in what the Prime Minister is calling the December Agreement. The Prime Minister made the announcement with the four party leaders as well as the leader of the Green Party present. Neither the right-wing Sweden Democrats nor the Left Party was present and the leader of the Sweden Democrats later criticised the decision.

The December Agreement is expected to last until 2022 and is based on the principle that whichever of the six major parties are in opposition they will not block the budget of the governing party even when it is in a minority. The parties are also talking about changes to immigration, defence and pensions policies.

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