Social Democrats take a hit in first round voting


A second round of voting still has to take place in the Lithuanian general election for the 141 seat Seimas or parliament, but the ruling Social Democrats (LSDP) appears to have fallen back.

In 2012 the centre-left LSDP took 15 seats in the proportional list part of the election and this time it has 13 seats, dropping from 18.37% of the vote to 14.42%. Meanwhile the main centre-right Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats (TS-LDK) has emerged the winner in the first round this year with 20 seats and 21.66% of the vote in the proportional list part of the vote compared with 13 seats and 15.08% in 2012.

The LSDP’s coalition partner, the Labour Party (DP) has seen a dramatic loss of support in the first round. They took 4.69% of the vote compared with 19.82 in 2012 and have no proportional seats compared with 17 in 2012. The other coalition partner, the right-wing Order and Justice, is on about the same with 5 seats in 2012 and 2016 in the proportional list but has dropped support from 7.31% to 5.33%.

Following the first round of voting on 9th October both the Labour leader, Valentinas Mazuronis, and the Order and Justice leader, Rolandas Paksas, resigned their positions.

There were 70 seats in the proportional list elected and a further 71 seats who fought in single member constituencies and were required to get more than 50% of the vote to win. Only three of the 71 seats declared results from the first round so 68 seats will face the second round on 23rd October.

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