Socialist leader to be PM


Ivica Dačić, the leader of the third placed Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) in the general election on 6th May has been offered the Prime Minister designate role by new president Tomislav Nikolić.

Nikolić’s party, the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), came first in the general election, but at the time no other party was prepared to form a coalition with them. It had been expected that the Socialists would re-form the pre-election coalition with the Democratic Party (DS) of then president Boris Tadić.

Incumbent president Boris Tadić was expected to win the presidential election, but in the second round on 20th May Tomislav Nikolić was the surprise winner by a narrow margin.

This led to a month long round of negotiations, largely between the socialists and Democratic Party, but these broke down earlier this week leading to a new deal.

Ivica Dačić will now form a coalition government between the Socialist Party of Serbia, the Serbian Progressive Party and the United Regions of Serbia (URS). The new prime minister has said that he will welcome anyone into the government and has not closed down the opportunities for discussions with other parties including the Democratic Party.

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