Socrates and Portas in TV debate


Last night caretaker prime minister José Sócrates and leader of the Socialist Party (PS) and Paulo Portas, leader of the Democratic and Social Centre – People’s Party (CDS-PP) clashed in a TV debate on TVI.

Afterwards Sócrates told reporters that he had won the debate. During the debate he said that he would compromise with the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and CDS-PP if he did not gain a majority. He stressed that the country was pulled in to a political crisis due to a lack of dialogue, and went on to say ‘The attitude of the PS is one of openness and dialogue because the country needs a strong government’.

Paulo Portas of the CDS-PP made it clear that they would not join a coalition government with the PS. “I do not understand that we should put 78 billion, our last opportunity to restore the state and bring economic growth . . . that we should entrust that money to someone who only knows how to spend more, waste more and borrow more”

The latest opinion poll by Intercampus gives the PSD a small lead. The results are:

PSD 36.2%
PS 35.1%
CDS-PP 10.9%
Green-Communist 7.9%
Left Bloc 6.5%

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