Soumaïla Cissé concedes defeat, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita is the new President of Mali


Even before the final result of the Mali presidential second round has been announced Soumaïla Cissé has conceded defeat to his fellow candidate Ibrahim Boubacar Keita.

Cissé announced that he had done it in the traditional Malian way, “I met my older brother Ibrahim Boubacar Keita. I congratulated him and told him: “Congratulations Mr. President, ‘” he said in a statement covered by Maliweb.

“I did not expect precisely because I saw the difference of votes. I saw the preliminary results of more than two-thirds of counting ballots and I concluded that I could not catch up,” Soumaïla Cissé said in the report on the Maliweb website.

The defeated candidate also announced that he would not be making an appeal to the Constitutional court and that he would be remaining in politics to provide opposition to the new president. Parliamentary elections have still to be held in Mali and it is likely that Soumaïla Cissé will be featuring heavily in them when called.

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