Stalemate in the opinion polls


If the opinion polls are anything to go by then the past two weeks campaigning appear to have made very little difference to the voting intentions of Canadian voters.

The four polls published recently by independent pollsters suggest that Stephen Harper’s image has deteriorated somewhat and that Michael Ignatieff has survived the initial onslaught from the Conservatives. The Conservatives are doing well in Ontario where they have 46% support.

The Conservatives top poll puts them on 41% and as an average of all four polls they receive 38.95%.In the case of the Liberal Party, the top poll puts them at 31.1% and the average across all four is 27.7%. For the remaining parties these figures are: NDP on 20% (and an average of 17.58%), Bloc Québécois on 9% (and an average of 8.5%) and the Greens on 9% (and an average of 6.23%).

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