Sudan General Election begins


Around 13 million Sudanese voters will be eligible to go to the polls from today and up to 15th April to elect a President, the 450 seat National Assembly and Legislative Councils of the 18 States.

Although there are 46 political parties taking part in the election most are new or largely unheard of and all the mainstream political parties barring the Democratic Unionist Party are boycotting the election. President Omar Hassan al-Bashir is expected to win as will his National Congress Party (NCP).

Each voter will have seven votes in this election; one to choose from the list of 16 presidential candidates (President Omar Hassan al-Bashir is the only well-known name), three for the National Assembly and three for the State Assembly. In the case of the National and State Legislative Assemblies, each voter will have one vote for a geographical constituency, one for a female candidate and one for a political party. There are 11,000 polling stations and results are expected to be announced on 27th April.

In the 2010 Presidential election, incumbent President Omar Hassan al-Bashir won with 68.24% of the vote. In the National Assembly election the President’s National Congress Party (NCP) took 323 of the 450 seats. The only other party with a large number of seats was the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) with 99 seats, which re-formed in South Sudan when that became an independent country in 2011.

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