Sri Lanka

Supreme Court clears President for third term


President Mahinda Rajapaksa has been told by Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court that he can stand for a third term if he wishes. The President asked the court to rule on a legal judgement based upon the 18th Amendment to the constitution.

The President is considering calling a snap Presidential election whilst his popularity still holds. In recent elections support for the President and his alliance has been slipping and he is expected to call an election early in the New Year.

The 18th Amendment to the constitution was passed on 8th September 2010 specifically to remove the sentence that mentioned the limit of the re-election of the President and to propose the appointment of a parliamentary council that decides the appointment of independent posts like commissioners of election, human rights, and Supreme Court judges. The amendment came just a few months after the President was elected for a second term on 26th January 2010.

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