Supreme Court rules on president’s candidacy today


The Supreme Court will rule today as to whether President Abdoulaye Wade is entitled to stand again in the forthcoming presidential election.

The opposition say that the president has had his two terms in office as outlined in the constitution. The president says that the amended constitution was brought in after he had started his term in office and therefore he is entitled to stand for a third term because the rule in not retrospective.

Whatever the legal judgment, if the Supreme Court rules in favour of the president (which it is likely to do) then the opposition have promised mass protests. Interior minister Ousmane Ngom has announced a five day ban on protests as from yesterday but it is likely that this will be ignored. The fear is that there will be violence if the police attempt to break up any demonstrations.

Until recently Senegal has been a remarkably quiet country with two previous presidents transferring power without any problems. This latest controversy could lead to more serious troubles and Senegal is now a potential risk for future business.

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