Syriza win again


Turnout was down by some 7.07% in yesterday’s general election in Greece to 56.55% but the left-wing Coalition of the Radical Left (Syriza) managed to win their second general election this year.

Syriza was down fractionally on the January result and dropped four seats but, with the winners additional 50 seats, will have 145 seats in the new 300 seat Hellenic Parliament. This means that Alexis Tsipras will return as prime minister but will once more have to find a coalition partner, almost certainly the Independent Greeks (ANEL).

Their main rivals, the centre-right New Democracy (ND) did marginally better in number of votes than in January but will drop one seat to 75 seats.

As in January, the far-right Golden Dawn (XA) came third winning an extra seat to take them to 18 seats. The once mighty centre-left Panhellenic Socialist Movement-Democratic Alignment (PASOK-DIMAR) came fourth with 17 seats (+4) and the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) retained their 15 seats.

The River (Potami) a centre-left party dropped six seats to 11 seats and the right-wing Eurosceptic Independent Greeks (ANEL) which had been in coalition with Syriza dropped three seats to 11 seats. The centrist Union of Centrists (EK) won seats for the first time since their formation in 1992 to take nine seats.

Notably the breakaway group from Syriza known as Popular Unity (LAE) failed to cross the 3% threshold.

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