Taaneti Mamau is elected President of Kiribati


Taaneti Mamau of the opposition Tobwaan Kiribati Party has been elected the new President of Kiribati. The election took place yesterday in this tiny Pacific nation which has a population of 100,000 on about 30 islands. The official swearing in takes place tomorrow, Friday 11th March 2016.

The Tobwaan Kiribati Party is a merger of two parties, the Karikirakean Te I-Kiribati and Maurin Kiribati which took place after the recent general election. The election of Taaneti Mamau against two BTK candidates, Rimeta Beniamina and Tianeti Ioane means the end of twelve years of rule by the Boutokaan Te Koaua (BTK).

Whilst the parliament is a loose formation with party ties being very fluid, the election of Taaneti Mamau is almost certain to lead to cross overs to his party.

Unofficial results give Taaneti Mamau 60% of the vote whilst Rimeta Beniamina took 38.5% and Tianeti Ioane was on 1.5%.

President Anote Tong is standing down after completing the maximum three terms in office.

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