Tautua Samoa Party launch manifesto


The Tautua Samoa Party launched their manifesto last Saturday (February 12th 2011) and their bid for the general election to take place on 4th March 2011.

The party was formed in December 2008 by eleven independent parliamentarians who came together to oppose the ruling Human Rights Protection Party (HRPP).

The Samoa Observer reports that their manifesto includes :

• A promise to lower the cost of living and remove VAGST (Value added general sales tax)
• To encourage farming and develop agriculture
• To lower the cost of electricity and other utilities
• To develop education and health services through compulsory education enforcement and raining salaries
• Free health care for children over 12 years
• Job creation and development of the private sector
• Decreasing overseas debt.

The party has also been critical of the sale of SamoaTel which they say has been undervalued.

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