Tony Tan is the new president


Former deputy prime minister Tony Tan was elected the new president of Singapore, but only after a recount. He will take up his duties on 1st September.

Following a vigorous campaign, the first contested election since 1993, the result was close. Tony Tan, the preferred candidate of the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) took 35.19% of the vote; PAP took 60% in the 7th May general election.

Because second place candidate Tan Cheng Bock took 34.85% of the vote, less than 2% behind an automatic recount was triggered.

Tan Jee Say took 25.04% of the vote and Tan Kin Lian took 4.91%.

With the election being so close the PAP will be worried that their grip on Singapore is loosening. In May their percentage of the vote dropped to 60%, the lowest since Lee Kuan Yew came to office in 1959. With their preferred candidate in the presidential election getting just 35% of the vote it would suggest a greater level of independent thinking on the part of the Singaporean people.

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