Two polls put Humala on top


Two opinion polls conducted in the last few days show left winger Ollanta Humala as leading just days before the 10th April poll.  The results of the two polls are shown below in brackets with the average and candidates are shown in order of the average from the two polls:

Ollanta Humala (26.9% & 21.4%)   24.15%

Alejandro Toledo (20.8% & 17.4%)   19.1%

Keiko Fujimori (20.3% & 17.4%)   18.85%  

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (18.5% & 17.5%)   18.0%

Luis Castañeda (13.3% & 12.6%)   12.95%.

A televised debate on 3rd April between the candidates may well firm up voters views in what is an electorate which tends to make up its mind at the last moment.

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