Ugandans go to the polls


An estimated 13.9 million Ugandans are eligible to vote in today’s (18th February 2011) presidential and general election.

The main contest will be between incumbent President, Yoweri Museveni of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and his main contender, Kizza Besigye of the Movement for Democratic Change (a coalition of parties). There are eight candidates contesting the presidential election.

The opposition have already questioned the likely outcome of the result and are especially concerned about the accuracy of the tallying and communicating of results. Mr Besigye has said that he will use one million election agents to tally the results independently and will make his own announcement ahead of the electoral commissions formal announcement.

The campaign itself has been peaceful, even lacklustre according to some observers. However, protests are likely over the weekend if the President is re-elected. He has said that he will bring the army on to the streets if there are any protests.

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