Ukraine votes in general election today


Ukrainians go to the polls today to vote for their parliament or Verkhovna Rada.

More than 23 million people will vote for 450 deputies in the parliament. Each voter will have two ballot papers. On the first they will vote for a party list which will decide 225 seats in the parliament with a party needing to get over the 5% threshold for representation. The other 225 seats are decided through constituency contests with as many as 40 candidates standing for one seat and as few as three in another.

The 33,769 polling stations will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. local time with 87 parties to choose from and 5,208 candidates.

In the 2007 elections the Party of the Regions of President Viktor Yanukovych took 175 seats; the latest opinion polls put them on 23% well down on the 32.14% received last time.

The Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc won 156 seats. This time they look like taking third place with 16.5% of the vote and world heavyweight boxing champion Vitaliy Klychko and his Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform Vitaliy Klychko (UDAR) look like taking second place with 17.9% of the vote.

Our Ukraine who came third last time with 72 seats and 14.15% of the vote are standing on just 1% in the opinion polls this time.

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