UN deadline likely to slip


The United Nations deadline for transfer of power to a new parliament and elected president which is due to take effect on 20th August looks likely to slip.

The current Transitional Federal Government (TFG), which was established in 2004, has twice extended its mandate and the international community is keen that the new deadline is met.

Part of the process requires the four major clans plus representatives from a fifth group of smaller clans to come up with the names of 275 members of parliament. They then submit names to the Technical Selection Committee (TSC) on a tribal power-sharing system known as the 4.5 formula for approval.

To date the TSC has rejected 60 names and approved 202 legislators. However, a presidential election made up of an electoral college of 275 legislators and 135 members of the arbitrary committee is due to elect the new president on 20th August.

With the shortfall of approved legislators still at 73 it looks most unlikely that the deadline will be met.

Currently there are around 50 candidates for the presidency including Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali and Speaker of Parliament Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden. But the incumbent president, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed is expected to win the contest because of his popularity across all the clans.

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