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United States enters final weekend of presidential campaign


Both incumbent Democrat president Barack Obama and Republican hopeful Mitt Romney enter the final weekend of the American presidential election campaign totally focussed on a handful of battleground states.

Both candidates are as good as neck and neck; the latest RealClearPolitics national average gives Obama 47.4% of the vote and Romney 47.3%. Obama will end his campaign on Monday in Des Moines, Ohio whilst Romney will finish his campaign in Manchester, New Hampshire. Both states have a handful of Electoral College votes which demonstrates that both camps think the result will be very close.

On paper Obama looks slightly ahead in the battleground states, but Romney has the edge in some of the larger states making the result impossible to predict. Unemployment figures due out today may have an impact on the final days of the campaign as will the impact of Superstorm Sandy which has devastated the East coast of America.

The campaigns by both candidates have concentrated more on the negatives of the other than a positive analysis of future policies. Mitt Romney published an 87 page manifesto, ‘Believe in America’ which lays out most of his views. Barack Obama published a late 11 page manifesto of sorts ‘A plan for jobs’ which was thin on policy and we must assume that apart from his few policy speeches during the campaign that it will be much of the same.

The media, local, national and international have been busy endorsing both candidates in equal measure, perhaps an indication that there is little to choose from in the final analysis.

There are fourteen other American parties putting up candidates. The parties and their presidential nominee are named below:

America’s Party/American Independent Party:
Presidential Nominee; Tom Hoefling (Iowa)

American Third Position Party:
Presidential Nominee; Merlin Miller (California)

Constitution Party:
Presidential Nominee; Virgil Goode (Virginia)

Green Party:
Presidential Nominee; Dr. Jill Stein (Massachusetts)

Justice Party:
Presidential Nominee; Rocky Anderson (Utah)

Libertarian Party:
Presidential Nominee; Gary Johnson (New Mexico)

Objectivist Party:
Presidential Nominee; Tom Stevens (New York)

Party of Socialism & Liberation (PSL):
Presidential Nominee; Peta Lindsay (California)

Peace & Freedom Party:
Presidential Nominee; Rosanne Barr (Hawaii)

Prohibition Party:
Presidential Nominee; Lowell “Jack” Fellure (West Virginia)

Reform Party USA:
Presidential Nominee; Andre Barnett (New York)

Socialist Party USA (SP-USA) / Liberty Union Party:
Presidential Nominee; Stewart Alexander (California)

Socialist Equality Party:
Presidential Nominee; Jerome “Jerry” White (Michigan)

Socialist Workers Party (SWP):
Presidential Nominee; James Harris (New York).

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