United States

US mid-term elections today


Voters across the United States will be voting in the so called mid-term elections today to elect part of the Senate and all of the House of Representatives along with a myriad of other smaller elections across the country.

Although voters appear to be pretty tired of all politicians, the numbers suggest that the Republican Party is likely to take control of both houses causing even more problems for Democrat President Barack Obama. The President’s job approval rating is almost at its all-time low of 40%. Currently, according to Gallup he is on 42% approval (Oct 27 – Nov 2).

In the Senate or upper house there are 33 of the 100 seats up for election along with three special elections caused by vacancies. The Democrats hold 53 seats with 21 of those seats up for election. The Republicans hold 45 seats and have just 15 seats up for re-election.

In the lower house or House of Representatives all 435 seats are up for election. The Democrats hold 201 seats and the Republicans hold 234 seats. There are 16 Democrats and 25 Republicans retiring at these elections.

In the gubernatorial elections there are 36 states and three territories (Guam, Northern Mariana Islands and United States Virgin Islands) where elections will be held. The Republicans are defending 22 Governorships to the Democrat’s 14.

For a limitless amount of data, analysis and opinion on the elections go to realclearpolitics.

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