2000 sacked


Al Jazeera is reporting that up to 2,000 people, mainly Shia, have been sacked from their public sector jobs in the past two weeks. These number have been verified by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the General Federation of Bahrain’s Trade Unions.

Previously Al Jazeera had also reported that up to 28 Shia mosques and religious centres have been demolished.

There has also been a widespread targeting of teachers and hospital staff who gave aid to hospital workers.

In a British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) news release, they have stated that “The UK Government remains deeply concerned by reports of human rights abuses in Bahrain, particularly the widespread arrest of political activists and a large number of doctors and nurses.”

In a United States Department of State daily briefing on 12th May, Acting Deputy Department Spokesman Mark C. Toner in response to a question said “We remain very concerned by all of these reports of human rights abuses there. We’ve been quite clear in our message that there is no security solution to what’s going on in Bahrain at the moment. And we encourage dialogue, and we also would ask that the Bahraini Government, in any actions it takes against individuals, that it be done in a transparent manner in accordance with international human rights obligations.”

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