A programme for government agreed


Both Fine Gael and the Labour party have endorsed a programme for government which allows them to work together in a new coalition government.

The Fine Gael parliamentary party gave its support at a meeting today (Sunday 6th March 2011) whilst the Labour Party held a special delegate conference at which 1,000 delegates are said to have attended and agreed.

The Fine Gael website has a 64 page Statement of Common Purpose which outlines the agreement. This includes the formation of a new economic super ministry with the Department of Finance split into two. The ministry will renegotiate the EU/IMF bailout.

There will be a Minister of finance who will look after budgets and taxes and a Ministry for Estimates and Public Service Reform which will control spending and oversee the reforms to the public sector.

The Labour Party idea of a strategic investment bank has been incorporated in the new document.

A special Political Situation Report (PSR) will be published once the details of the statement of common purpose and the manifesto for the winning party in the Estonian general election taking place today have been analysed.

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