Abbott government repeals Carbon Tax


The Australian government has repealed the Carbon Tax introduced by Julia Gillard’s Labor Government on 1st July 2012. Prime Minister Tony Abbott had made the repeal of the Carbon Tax a manifesto commitment on which he now says he has delivered.

The full text of the government press release as published on the Prime Minister’s website is as follows:

“Government delivers on commitment to abolish the carbon tax

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Prime Minister

Minister for the Environment

The Coalition promised to abolish the Carbon Tax and today the Government has delivered on our promise.

Australian families and businesses will no longer be slugged by Labor’s Carbon Tax.

Scrapping the Carbon Tax is a foundation of the Government’s Economic Action Strategy.

Scrapping the Carbon Tax will save the average Australian household $550 a year.

Scrapping the Carbon Tax will take a cost burden off Australian businesses. It will make it easier for them to compete and create more jobs.

The Carbon Tax was a $9 billion a year hit on the Australian economy. Australian businesses either had to absorb the costs or pass it on the consumers.

Labor implemented the world’s biggest Carbon Tax and today Bill Shorten confirmed he will campaign for a Carbon Tax at the next election.

Despite what they say, Labor never supported scrapping the Carbon Tax. They voted against its repeal at every single opportunity.

Labor betrayed the Australian people when they introduced the Carbon Tax, and they have continued to betray the Australian people ever since.

Australian consumers and businesses will benefit from the repeal of the Carbon Tax.

The Government’s consumer watchdog, the ACCC, has been given the funding and power to ensure that savings are passed on to consumers.

These requirements are in addition to the ACCC’s strong price monitoring powers and will ensure that the Carbon Tax hit on every Australian family and business is removed.

The Government remains committed to taking action to tackle climate change but we’ll do it without Labor’s $9 billion Carbon Tax hit on the economy.

At the election, the Coalition made a pledge: to scrap the Carbon Tax, to stop the boats, to get the Budget back under control and to build the roads of the 21st century.

We are honouring our commitments to the Australian people and building a strong and prosperous economy for a safe and secure Australia.”

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