AL deal rejected whilst Russia sells jets


The Syrian government has rejected the Arab League proposal that was agreed this weekend.

The Arab League had proposed that President Bashar Al-Assad should delegate his powers to a deputy and at the same time set up a unity government prior to the country holding parliamentary and presidential elections.

The Arab League have also asked for the monitoring mission to be extended from 24th January to 24th February.

A spokesperson for the Syrian government said that “Syria considers these decisions a violation of its national sovereignty, a blatant interference in its internal affairs and a flagrant violation of the objectives for which the AL was established and a breach of Article VIII of its Charter”.

Meanwhile Saudi Arabia has pulled it’s monitors out of the mission saying that Syria had “fallen short of complying with any elements of the Arab League plan”.

It was also revealed yesterday that in December Russia signed a deal with the Syrian government to supply them with 36 Yak 130 combat jet trainers at a value of $550 million.

EU Foreign ministers agreed yesterday that they would add a further 22 people and eight organisations to their growing list of people and organisations facing sanctions by the European Union.

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